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Calves Stretch

If you’re on your feet a lot, have pains in the back of your leg, or enjoy running/cycling this is a simple and effective stretch that will help increase the muscle length in the affected area.
Simply place the pad of your foot (the area right before your toes) against a wall or bottom step and [...]

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Rhomboid Strengthening Exercise

This one very important for anyone working with a computer, driving a lot or carrying out any other activity that has his/her arms out in front of him/her for prolonged periods. If experiencing sharp pains in or around the upper back/shoulder area this may benefit you.
What frequently happens in these situations is that some or all of the muscles [...]

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Welcome To Our New Website!

Thanks for visiting the new  In this section you’ll be able to find a variety of health tips, stretches and exercises.  We’ll be posting new articles all the time so be sure to bookmark us and check back often

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